Project Hope Alliance's Community Pantry provides food, hygiene and school items to more than 14 families each week. For these families, a bag of food and a pack of baby wipes does more than simply offset their grocery budget.

Parents tell us about the excruciating decisions they make month after month: "Do I pay rent or buy milk?" "Do I fill the gas tank or my child's belly?" Even when families can afford groceries, choosing quality, wholesome food can be cost-prohibitive. In fact, 84 percent of food pantry clients report purchasing the cheapest food available, even if they knew it wasn't the healthiest option, in an effort to provide enough food for their family (Feeding America).


Feeding a family is just the beginning, but it paves the way for Project Hope Alliance to end homelessness for each child. Armed with food security, families are able to prioritize expenses like rent and utilities. With nourished bodies and minds, children are prepared to excel in the classroom.

Download the print-friendly wish lists below to get started. Whether you choose to host a drive in your neighborhood or simply add an extra item to your own grocery list, your generosity will make a tremendous impact on the life of a child. Thank you.

Download the full wish lists of desired donations below, or follow our #foodpantryfriday posts to track most-needed items.


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Ready to drop off a donation? Please contact us at [email protected].