The mission of Project Hope Alliance is to end the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time.

Formed in 1989 to support the transportation needs of homeless children attending the Project HOPE School (now Skyview Elementary), we remain committed to providing homeless children and youth from kindergarten through age 24 with the tools and opportunities that they need to learn their way to a better tomorrow. In this work, we have spent the last 28 years developing unique and effective education and family stability program models that serve the needs of homeless children in Orange County.

Project Hope Alliance is a purpose-driven organization with twin goals: lifting needful families up from homelessness and eliminating obstacles that prevent homeless children from attending and excelling in school. We have two main programs to achieve those goals—our Family Stability Program and our Education Program. Since 2012, we have moved more than 800 children and parents out of homelessness. Currently, Project Hope Alliance supports more than 400 children attending 91 different schools in 31 cities throughout Orange County.

Our programing development and implementation is based upon the premise that the futures of homeless children should not be limited by their parents' economic circumstances. Strategically, we utilize education, transportation, after school care, rapid re-housing, personal enrichment, and “play” opportunities to provide a foundation for healthy development and growth. We are eliminating the barriers—including homelessness itself—to academic success and cognitive development created by the circumstances of childhood homelessness and strengthening families.