Becoming an intern at Project Hope Alliance means being an integral part of Team Kid.

Programs Interns serve alongside experienced staff working with families throughout the Orange County community and are provided unique exposure to individual case management and programming within a social service setting. Interns work alongside the case management team to manage client intakes and assessments, coordinate services, and provide basic needs assistance to families and their children. 

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The staff at Project Hope Alliance is incredible! Everyone is so welcoming, loving and supportive; it felt like we were all family.
— Esmeralda, Sociology Major at Vanguard University
My favorite part about interning with Project Hope Alliance was getting to learn, completely hands on. It was a chance to really understand the workforce and to be trusted with adult responsibility. In light of those things, we were encouraged to be brave and to try our hand at different aspects of the non profit life. It was a really well rounded experience and I loved it.
— Tyra, Sociology Major at Vanguard University

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