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Graduating from 3rd to 4th grade is one of the most significant moments in a student's life... even if they don't know it.

Between the 3rd and 4th grades, students transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Making this transition on time can set the trajectory for their future — to their benefit of detriment. For many of the more than 28,000 homeless students in Orange County, this transition doesn't happen on time, leading to predictable and discouraging results. 

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Project Hope Alliance is partnering with Leadership Tomorrow to meet the challenges of homeless students falling behind in elementary school by providing internet access to students in two county-wide programs:

Bright Start (K-3)

Soaring to Success (4-6)


In these programs students are provided the ingredients for learning: 

  • Learning Software
  • Internet Access
  • Volunteer Mentor
  • Laptop

Access to the internet is the fuel that allows students to move forward through these programs, learn independently, and succeed in school.  It is also an enduring obstacle facing homeless children.

Leadership Tomorrow and Project Hope Alliance are breaking down that obstacle for the next class of Bright Start and Soaring to success students.

By engaging our network we can raise the funds for internet access while lowering the cost of service and make learning for these students possible.

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