The Shamba Walk

  • Estancia Park 1900 Adams Avenue Costa Mesa, CA, 92626 United States

Benefitting Project Hope Alliance! 

Jacob Shaw, owner of The Shamba Way gym in Costa Mesa, has a big heart. Family, friends, and community are paramount to him. He is fueled by his passion to help people and does this daily by coaching individuals in fitness and nutrition to transform their lives. He believes we experience greater achievements when we work together. Coach Jake's attitude is contagious. The Shamba Way gym is a gym with heart, filled with a supportive community who share the mantra, "Work hard, never quit, finish strong," and by all means #FuelHappiness.

Fueled with this passion to help others and the belief that we are stronger together, Coach Jake and the Shamba Way Community are hosting a charitable event to raise funds for the 26,000 local homeless kids here in Orange County. This is something that is very close to Coach Jake's heart. We are partnering with Project Hope Alliance, whose mission is to end the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time. We are also partnering with individuals, businesses and organizations in our community to share in making this an impactful event both in contribution size and fun. We are stronger together! 

Event Highlights:

  • "The Shamba Walk" - Requires a relay team of three to complete this challenge. A .9 of a mile distance that includes "farmer carries" and has three relay stations with additional physical challenges to be done before continuing the relay. Create your team and cheer on your community as they "Do the Shamba Walk"! $120 registration per team.
  • "Raising Funds" - We are thrilled to partner with Strong Man, Derek McCracken, who is generously donating his big heart, talent, strength, and passion for community in RAISING FUNDS for kids! An amazing show of strength will be performed by competitive and nationally recognized Strong Men and Women. Your pennies or dollars for every pound lifted by these athletes will be donated to this cause. 
  • Festival Celebration - Stay for the festival celebration afterward. You've worked hard, now it's time to play hard! Share in the music, food, dancing, and community. 
  • Music performed by The Eric Turner Band. An Orange County favorite!
  • Food and goodies 
  • Donations direct to Project Hope Alliance via our peer-to-peer fundraising or at their booth on photo day!
  • "Wish List" - Every child has a personalized list of items the wish for. Bring these to The Shamba Walk on the 24th. They will be delivered directly to the child who made the list. 
  • Event Sponsorships - Partner with us to make this event impactful for these kids and their families. Financial and in-kind donations for "goody bags", event operations, raffles, etc. are needed and greatly appreciated!