All children want to learn and thrive.

We end the cycle of generational homelessness tomorrow by empowering our kids with a unique academic program lovingly tailored to their skills and strengths.

We know that homelessness in early childhood can lead to struggles with academic performance, classroom engagement, and social skills in elementary school. We also know that with the support of our community, children can overcome these obstacles. -Jennifer Friend, Project Hope Alliance CEO

Continuity in classroom instruction tends to be a great challenge for children experiencing homelessness, as their home life does not always afford them the opportunity to thrive in the same structured learning environment for a full school year.

Currently, Project Hope Alliance serves more than 400 children attending 91 schools in 31 cities throughout Orange County.

Here are some ways we’re helping children experiencing homelessness learn their way to a better tomorrow:

  • Academic monitoring & support

  • Art classes

  • Backpacks & school supplies

  • Educational advocacy
  • Extracurricular activities

  • Music lessons

  • Online high school diploma program for parents

  • Tutoring



Launched in Fall 2015, Bright Start equips the K-3 kids we serve with the skills, knowledge, and mentoring needed to enter a classroom and excel. Combining Imagine Learning academic curriculum with social-emotional curriculum, the program pairs children with supportive volunteer mentors who help guide them through a unique experience designed to inspire our young learners. Each student receives a take-home laptop with free WiFi, creating an enduring partnership between the child and learning that remains with the student wherever he or she goes, from classroom to home. Parents and families learn how to best advocate for academic success via bi-monthly Collective “Imagine It” Breakfasts. Additionally, a program manager meets and remains in communication with teachers to introduce the program and collaborate to best support the child both in and out of school. As a result, the four-fold program uplifts and empowers each family member and educator, because every one matters. 

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Our goal is to have each child understand how much they matter in this world, and to deeply appreciate how much they have to offer to the experience of those around them. -Jennifer Friend, Project Hope Alliance CEO

Soaring To Success

Launched in Fall 2016, Soaring to Success follows our Bright Start model and serves as the second level in our education continuum. The program focuses on children in grades 4-6 who require additional assistance in the classroom. As children graduate out of Bright Start, they "fly up" to Soaring to Success, which brings each child a structured, assessment- and research-based learning experience; provides the love, mentorship, and support of a caring volunteer mentor; incorporates a collaborative teacher engagement component; and finally, serves to empower parents and educators with skills and strategies to best advocate for their early learners.

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Launched in January 2016, our local implementation of the acclaimed Promotor Pathway pairs youth experiencing homelessness between the ages of 14 and 24 with an experienced promotor, who guides and supports the teen or young adult over an extended period of time. With backgrounds as youth development workers, mentors, and intensive case managers, promotores collaborate with school staff, helping homeless youth develop skills to excel in school, transition to work, and practice healthy habits.

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Our students participate in structured after-school programs that further develop their social behaviors and educations. Educational success also requires healing from past traumatic events, like childhood homelessness. Art offers children an incredible outlet to explore creativity, self-expression, relaxation, and restoration in a stress-free environment. In partnership with Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc., these therapeutic workshops provide a safe, stimulating environment for kids and families.