Promotor Pathway Leads To Academic Empowerment

AGE... 15


For Jane, a homeless sophomore student attending Newport Harbor High School (NHHS), living doubled up in a two-bedroom apartment with her mother, her two siblings, her uncle, her cousin, and another tenant caused strain and stress on her education. With a little hope, she is now making strides at school.

Housing and education are inextricably linked. With Jane's mother struggling to provide for her family financially, the family of four can only afford to rent a room. The lack of privacy, an adequate living situation, and resources bumped Jane off of her academic track.

One major academic hurdle discovered by Jane’s promotor was her lack of access to a computer.

By joining our Promotor Pathway Program, Jane connected with a dedicated promotor, who provides one-on-one intensive support and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Born of the belief that a strong relationship with a caring adult is critical to a youth's ability to succeed, promotores are professional intensive case managers who also act as a combination of youth development workers, advocates, and mentors for disconnected youth. Serving youths ages 14-24, the program helps eliminate as many barriers in a youth's life as possible, so that each accomplishes goals related to improvements in healthy behaviors, increased academic success, successful transition from high school to college and/or the workforce, and obtaining long-term career success. 

Now, Jane and her promotor have worked together to set academic goals for the youth, which she strives to meet—and surpass. She remains actively engaged in the Promotor Pathway Program and is currently excelling at school. 

One major academic hurdle discovered by Jane's promotor was her lack of access to a computer. This hole made it extremely challenging for Jane to complete her assignments. During her open periods at school, she often stayed at school to use computers in the library or Promotor Pathway Program office. But even those crucial chunks of time proved insufficient for Jane's demanding workload. Staying after school to use a computer was not an option, as Jane was tasked with looking after her younger brother. Her inability to regularly access a computer was not only hindering her academic performance, but also created an unnecessary stress in her life. Thankfully, Project Hope Alliance's generous donors stepped in to provide Jane with a laptop, a gift that has made a huge impact in her life.

Empowered with her own computer, Jane shifted herself back on track to achieving her goals. We remain committed to walking alongside Jane on her journey. Her hope and hard work, paired with our support, will help break the cycle of intergenerational homelessness.