Promotor Pathway Leads To Ambition

AGE… 17


Christina, a homeless student attending Newport Harbor High School (NHHS), lives doubled up with family members. The youth and her sister say goodnight from their living room. Before joining our Promotor Pathway Program, Christina barely ate some days—as she did not qualify for the free lunch program at school. Housing and education are inextricably linked, and without proper nourishment and an adequate living situation, the youth's academics and health began to slip.

Christina barely ate some days—as she did not qualify for the free lunch program at school.

Christina joined the Promotor Pathway Program during the last week of school. With a little hope, she grew determined to avoid the academic "summer slide." With that came a little more hope, and now the youth has her sights set on graduation and higher education. 

Through our Promotor Pathway Program, Christina connected with a dedicated promotor, who provides one-on-one intensive support and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Born of the belief that a strong relationship with a caring adult is critical to a youth's ability to succeed, promotores are professional intensive case managers who also act as a combination of youth development workers, advocates, and mentors for disconnected youth. Serving youths ages 14-24, the program helps eliminate as many barriers in a youth's life as possible, so that each accomplishes goals related to improvements in healthy behaviors, increased academic success, successful transition from high school to college and/or the workforce, and obtaining long-term career success. 

Generous donors stepped in to ensure she would have access to lunch every day, and could take food home with her. Additionally, with the help of her promotor, she enrolled in the school's free lunch program and no longer worries about hunger during her school day. Without the weight of these daily stresses, Christina could finally focus on her education.

Today, Christina and her promotor continue to work hard on improving and maintaining her grades to prepare for postsecondary education. We remain committed to walking alongside her on her journey. Her hope and hard work, paired with our support, will help break the cycle of intergenerational homelessness.