Bright Start Program Relaunches With Imagine Learning

On Saturday, January 21, Project Hope Alliance celebrated the exciting relaunch of the academic component of its Bright Start Program. The three-hour event introduced Imagine Learning, Bright Start's new online learning software, to all participating children and families. Smiles shone throughout Brookhurst Community Center as our young learners and their parents worked and learned together.

What Is Bright Start?

Launched in Fall 2015, Bright Start equips the K-3 kids we serve who require additional assistance in reading and math with the skills, knowledge, and mentoring needed to enter a classroom and excel. Combining Imagine Learning academic curriculum with Every Monday Matters inspirational curriculum, the program pairs children with supportive volunteer mentors who help guide them through a unique experience designed to inspire students. Each student receives a take-home laptop with free WiFi, creating an enduring partnership between the child and learning that remains with the student wherever he or she goes, from classroom to home. Parents and families learn how to best advocate for academic success via monthly Collective "Imagine It" Dinners. Additionally, a program manager meets and remains in communication with teachers to introduce the program and collaborate to best support the child both in and out of school. As a result, the four-fold program uplifts and empowers each family member and educator, because every one matters. 

Why Imagine Learning?

Imagine Learning is a computer-delivered language and literacy program that works to close the achievement gap at an accelerated rate by automatically creating a unique curriculum for each student based on his or her needs. What makes it different from any other program currently on the market is its focus on teaching literacy and language together. Imagine Learning was specifically designed to provide systematic and explicit instruction in both language and literacy.

The Imagine Learning program provides interactive instruction in language and literacy, while the Big Brainz program supports mathematical literacy. Both programs give students access to online educational games designed to increase students' literacy levels and to help them master math facts.

Imagine Learning's award-winning, research-based curriculum helps elementary students of all kinds build the language and literacy skills they need to succeed. Data reveals that California school districts using Imagine Learning also show improved outcomes on state assessments such as the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) and the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) Reading Assessments.

Imagine Learning's multi-lingual capabilities are a huge benefit to our Bright Start students and parents who speak Spanish as their first language. Lessons are provided in both English and Spanish to ensure that the child understands what the question is asking, and then begins to taper out of Spanish into only English once the child is ready. This functionality also helps parents best support their young learners.

The Relaunch

At the relaunch event, we taught parents how to use the new reading and math learning programs. Our families embraced the new Bright Start Program developments with much excitement. In fact, since launching, our students have spent a total of 4,286 minutes on the English program alone! Additionally, we are already seeing grade level growth in some of our students! Feedback from parents so far has been very positive.

They love it! They want to always do the math first.
— Bright Start Parent
He knows all of the words in his homework now. That’s how I know the program is working. He now finishes his homework in only 10-15 minutes.
— Bright Start Parent
The academic program is working really well for her. She’s enjoying it!
— Bright Start Parent

Project Hope Alliance is ending the cycle of generational homelessness tomorrow by empowering our kids with a unique academic program lovingly tailored to their skills and strengths.