Sophomore Strides To Straight A's

Number of Children… 1

Ended Homelessness… September 2014

For most high school sophomores, a slump is to be expected, but hopefully avoided. However, for a sophomore recovering from homelessness, the slump could determine the rest of their life's path. 

Laura, a 15-year-old student, has intermittently experienced homelessness throughout her entire life. Her mother has suffered from addiction, and her father has experienced both health and legal setbacks. These difficult circumstances have made achieving in school extremely challenging. 

When Laura and her father first came to Project Hope Alliance, her grades were slipping, especially in math. Through our Family Stability Program, we rapidly rehoused Laura and her father, providing the family with a safe, stable home as well as tools and support to move them closer to self-reliance. 

Achieving in school is the key.

Through our education programming, we provided Laura with a dedicated tutor, school supplies, shoes, and a coat. Slowly but surely, her grades improved.

Education is one of the key tools we use to help end the cycle of intergenerational homelessness, one child at a time. During this past summer Laura asked her father how she could avoid homelessness and some of the struggles that come along with it. Her father told her that achieving in school was the key—one that unlocks the door to hope and transformation.

With support from her father, her tutor, and Project Hope Alliance, Laura kicked off her sophomore year with straight A's. Her father has maintained housing for more than two years and has worked hard to sustain financial independence. We remain committed to walking alongside this family on their journey to self-sufficiency.