Volunteer Spotlight: Meet The Hamlins

Who: Dan and Susie Hamlin

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Contributions: Volunteers Since January 2016

1) When and how did you first hear about Project Hope Alliance?

Through the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church missions department.

2) Why did you choose to get involved and take action?

We chose to get involved because of the tug on our hearts from God to serve and directly affect the lives of children.

3) In what ways do you help fuel our mission?

As we like to say, we have the JOY of entertaining and hosting dinners. When we found out that Project Hope Alliance provides a super relational and needed outreach at the monthly Collective "Imagine It" Dinners as part of its Bright Start Program, we felt it was a perfect fit to serve here.

4) Who are you when you're not changing the lives of the kids and families we serve?

Dan is a recently retired aerospace engineer finding that he is actually busier now "working" at home and enjoying working on his sports cars and home improvement projects. Susie currently works as the director of the Parent/Child program at St. Andrew's. This position fills her passion for loving on toddler-aged children and connecting with their parents in a Christ-centered environment. Since our two daughters have recently "left the nest," we have found that both of us have been spending lots of playtime spoiling our pets: two cats and two birds. We are also on the lookout for the latest and greatest pizza recipe we can try out in our wood-fired pizza oven.

5) What gives you hope, and why?

Hope first comes from our faith in God. We constantly seek His hand in all situations and put our trust in Him. We also put our hope in the fact that community exists and can be the ultimate source of hope for people. Envisioning our lives as part of a whole community inspires and cultivates support for others and their lives.

Thank you, Dan and Susie, for giving the gift of hope.