Team Kid Spotlight: Annie Weir

Who: Annie Weir

Role: Director of Operations

Team Kid Player Since: September 2014


1) What is your why?

Because I want my kids to grow up in a world where all children have hope and opportunity. 

2) Favorite Team Kid memory?

My favorite time of year at Project Hope Alliance has always been Christmas. I absolutely love seeing our clients and staff come together as family day after day. The last two years, I have been extra blessed to have my husband and daughter take part in the experience. I'm so incredibly grateful for our staff and the love they show every single child that comes through our doors—including my own. Seeing everyone welcome her in on the festivities and her interact so joyously with the kids we serve is something I will always remember. 

3) What gives you hope?

Seeing people who on the surface are polar opposites come together and find common ground gives me hope. So much of the conflict in our world is caused by closed-mindedness and misunderstandings. Creating opportunities for all walks of life to come together leads to opportunities for unexpected kindnesses and camaraderie. In a lot of ways I think this is what Project Hope Alliance is all about. Project Hope Alliance creates opportunities for people who otherwise may never interacted to come together to work toward a common goal: the stability of all families and the educational advancement of all kids.  

4) How do you celebrate you?

There's nothing I enjoy more than traveling with family and friends, especially my husband and daughter. Earlier this summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to indulge my love of bringing people of different walks of life together by chaperoning a group of high school students on a trip to China with my husband. Exploring a new place with the ones I love and sharing that passion with the next generation brings me a lot of joy.