Announcing Soaring To Success

We are excited to share news of our new educational programming component—Soaring to Success—launching in fall 2016.


Soaring to Success is an innovative education program that will build on Project Hope Alliance's Bright Start Program model, bringing each child a structured, assessment- and research-based learning experience; providing the love, mentorship, and support of a caring volunteer mentor; and finally, serving to empower their parents with skills and strategies to best advocate for their early learners. 


The program will focus on children in grades 3-6 who require additional assistance in the classroom, and serve as the second level in our education continuum. As children graduate out of Bright Start, they will "fly up" to Soaring to Success. 


Soaring to Success offers each child a laptop with internet access as well as adaptive educational curriculum in reading and math. Children also receive a volunteer mentor who meets with them every week for a two-hour session. Trained by our staff and Every Monday Matters staff, the volunteer functions as a mentor, coach, and motivator, helping the child see how much they have to offer to the world around them. 


An education program manager works directly with students, parents, and classroom teachers, as well as with staff from nonprofit partners. Parents and classroom teachers receive an overview of the program, monthly motivational tips and strategies specifically intended for young learners, as well as guidance on data interpretation and programmatic features. The education program manager regularly reviews student usage and progress through the program, and is responsible for monitoring and evaluating all program outcomes and goals.


On the first Monday of every month, families join together for Collective "Imagine It" Dinners. During these two-hour events, parents work collaboratively, share best practices, and learn how to best advocate for their children in schools. The second half of the evening is dedicated to the parents learning, sharing, and uplifting one another through a collaborative effort with Every Monday Matters


We have established outcomes to measure the achievements of the Soaring to Success program:

  • Of the children enrolled in Soaring to Success, 95-100% will demonstrate improved academic progress year round.
  • 80% of parents will affirm that Soaring to Success contributed to academic gains and socio-emotional growth for their child(ren), as measured by an end of year survey and exit interview with the program director and program manager, as well as an independently led focus group.