Donor Spotlight: Karen Dickson

Who: Karen Dickson

Location: Fullerton, CA

Contributions: Longtime Volunteer

1) Project Hope Alliance: When and how did you first hear about Project Hope Alliance?

Karen Dickson: Approximately three years ago I read an interview that Coast Magazine did with Project Hope Alliance CEO Jennifer Friend.  

2) Why did you choose to get involved and take action?

Upon reading the article I was so inspired by Jennifer and the work that she is doing with Project Hope Alliance. As a lawyer, I felt an immediate connection with her as well.  

I have a passion for helping children and recognize the invaluable gift of an education.

3) In what ways do you help fuel our mission?

I volunteer once per week, helping primarily with the Food Pantry at Project Hope Alliance. For the past several years I have had the privilege of working side by side with another volunteer Marge. Together, we have strived to keep the food pantry well organized for our families.   

4) Who are you when you're not changing the lives of the kids and families we serve?

I have an amazing husband and two incredible adult children. I am also blessed with a wonderful extended family, all of whom live relatively close to me. I cherish any and all time spent with family! In addition, I enjoy walking, baking, cooking, and traveling. I value church fellowship and the ministries that I am involved in with my church.   

5) What gives you hope, and why?

My faith is essential to who I am and is the basis for my hope. I feel so incredibly blessed in my life and consider it a privilege to serve in a small way at Project Hope Alliance. It gives me hope when I see the positive impact that Project Hope Alliance is having on families and the community in Orange County. I have witnessed firsthand the joy and elation from children receiving donated items from Project Hope Alliance. On numerous occasions I have observed children come into Project Hope Alliance in need, only to leave a bit more excitedly with a collection of books and bags of groceries that they could not otherwise afford. I have hope that this will bring homeless children closer to academic success, which will inevitably provide them with better choices for their future. I have hope that each of us can make a difference in the lives of these children. I believe that we can and WILL end this cycle of homelessness in our own neighborhood. I am amazed by the collective effort of all those involved with Project Hope Alliance who give because they have hearts to care. It is truly making a difference! 

Thank you, Karen, for giving the gift of hope.