Take The NCAM Talent Challenge In Support Of Project Hope Alliance!

We invite you to showcase your talent in the NCAM Talent Challenge to help Project Hope Alliance win $50,000!


In celebration of National Child Awareness Month, Festival of Children Foundation is hosting the NCAM Talent Challenge—a video challenge showcasing your talent in support of your favorite children's charity, Project Hope Alliance.


If Project Hope Alliance accumulates the most "BUZZ," we win $50,000 to fuel our mission of ending the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time. More than 26,000 children are struggling with homelessness in Orange County. Our hope is to welcome funds to move more families out of homelessness and into safe, stable homes, and to provide more children with the exceptional educations that they deserve. So far this year, we have moved 346 children out of homelessness.


Now through noon on Friday, September 30, 2016.

Need some inspiration? See how Team Kid does it!

HOW // 6 Simple Steps

1) Using your cellphone or device of choice, create a video in one (1) minute or less (you may go longer if you like) showcasing your talent. The possibilities are limitless!

2) In your video: Call out Project Hope Alliance as your favorite children's charity. Sample dialogue: "I accept the NCAM Talent Challenge in support of Project Hope Alliance, an Orange County nonprofit organization ending the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time."

3) Also in your video: Call out and nominate at least two (2) other individuals, companies, or organizations to take the challenge in support of Project Hope Alliance.

4) Download the free Indi app (via App Store or Google Play) and submit your video to the NCAM Talent Challenge. Simply search "NCAM Talent Challenge," and you'll see it pop up in the "Challenges" section. Then simply search "Project Hope Alliance," and we'll pop up in the drop-down list of children's charities. Once your video is approved, you'll receive an acceptance email and can begin to rally your friends and family to help create BUZZ.

5) Share your video from Indi to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtags #ncamchallenge and #talentforthekids Don't forget to tag the friends you challenged, and Project Hope Alliance!

6) Create Buzz around your video by regularly sharing it from Indi to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; encouraging followers to like, comment, and share the video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and encouraging followers to join Indi and like and favorite the video within the app.


  • Do not use copyrighted work in your video, such as copyrighted music.
  • Record your video with your cellphone in a horizontal position.
  • Keep videos PG or PG-13.
  • When sharing to Instagram, tag @indichallenge and include a hashtag of the video URL. For example, http://indi.com/7d64h would be #indi_7d64h. 

BONUS BUZZ // Extra ways you can help PHA!

  • Share this post with family and friends and encourage them to get involved.
  • Search the #talentforthekids hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and like, comment, and share posts to help generate more BUZZ.

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The kids and parents we serve THANK YOU!