Team Kid Spotlight: Rocio Calderon

Who: Rocio Calderon

Role: Manager, Program Continuum

Team Kid Player Since: April 2015

1) What is your why?

I love to serve and provide our children and their families with opportunities to build and live in a nurturing and safe environment. 

2) Favorite Team Kid memory?

Our 2014 Christmas event at South Coast Plaza. Project Hope Alliance was able to invite more than 100 individuals. The mall opened at 10 p.m. and welcomed our children and their families. Our kids had the opportunity to play, ride the carousel, take pictures with Santa, enjoy cool music, receive Christmas gifts, and more. It was magical to see their happy faces. 

3) What gives you hope?

It gives me hope that we are an innovative agency with so many ideas and so much care for our families. It gives me hope to provide vulnerable children with the necessary tools and opportunities to become caring and productive adults.

4) How do you celebrate you?

 I celebrate me by being with family and friends, traveling, and exercising .