Team Kid Spotlight: Chrissie Lee

Who: Chrissie Lee

Role: Case Manager

Team Kid Player Since: December 2013

1) What is your why?

The families that I work with are the reason that I do what I do. All of my families have gone through so much in their lives, and they all deserve a roof over their head and happiness just like everyone else. Knowing what the families have gone through and seeing how they triumph is an inspiration to me. 

2) Favorite Team Kid memory?

I have so many great Team Kid memories; it's hard to choose just one! Every time my families share wonderful news with me (i.e the family got approved for an apartment, children got rewarded at school, the mom/dad got a job or promoted, etc.) my heart is filled with so much warmth and joy for them. However, I do have a favorite cute Team Kid holiday memory! During one of the "Cookies With Santa" parties that we host for our families, we had a ton of very young kids in attendance. When Santa arrived, the kids were extremely happy to see him. The children's eyes lit up with huge smiles on their faces, and a couple of kids ran to hug him. The kids stayed close to Santa the whole time, anxiously waiting for Santa to call their name. When Santa left they all lined up to hug him goodbye. Seeing how genuinely happy and excited the kids were to see Santa was priceless. 

3) What gives you hope?

The children. I have seen so many of the kids who I have worked with improve in school or change their outlook on education, which gives me hope that we can end the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time, through education. 

4) How do you celebrate you?

I celebrate me by making time to hang out with the people I love and my dog Shiloh. I love eating at new restaurants, going to concerts and shows, exploring different places, and so forth.