Team Kid Spotlight: Sam Cressey

Who: Sam Cressey

Role: Case Manager

Team Kid Player Since: September 2014

1) When did you join Team Kid?

I first joined Team Kid as a Family Stability Program Intern in September 2014. After four months at Project Hope Alliance, I found myself incredibly inspired by the families I met and the work Project Hope Alliance was doing. I joined the team as a staff member in June 2015. 

2) What is your why?

Every child deserves to have a place to call home, to feel success in their classroom, and to believe in their future. We have seen firsthand how a little extra support can completely change a child's academic experience, and we know how important early education is to a child's future.

3) Favorite Team Kid memory?

Receiving a phone call from one of our Bright Start kids suggesting I re-design the program so he could see his mentor every day instead of only once a week.

4) What gives you hope?

Watching our kids soar in Bright Start! It has been absolutely incredible to see how these children are excelling in school, raising their hands more in class, and making new friends. It's amazing what a little extra support, and the love of a volunteer, can do for these kids as they begin to realize how capable they are.

5) How do you celebrate you?

I surround myself with positive, caring people, and I practice gratefulness every single day!