Team Kid Spotlight: La Shawn Hye

Who: La Shawn Hye

Role: Manager, Housing & Community

Team Kid Player Since: April 2013

1) What is your why?

My why is I believe a child's past does not dictate a child's future.

2) Favorite Team Kid memory?

Watching a case with two young ladies who are overcoming despite how things started. Their mother is undocumented, and there is a language barrier. The family was homeless, but yet when housed, the eldest child went to college and is thriving, and the youngest daughter went from depression to on the verge of graduating this year thanks to the case management of Ana.

3) What gives you hope?

I live by faith. I believe as long as you keep fighting and keep pushing, things will get better as long as you keep the goal in mind.

4) How do you celebrate you?

I spend time with my family. I love them dearly.