From Overwhelmed To Overjoyed

Number of Children... 3

Ended Homelessness... December 2015

Parenting proves challenging with two adults behind the wheel, let alone one. This is the story of a single father steering his family and overcoming homelessness.

Through our Family Stability Program and the family’s hard work, we were able to rapidly rehouse them in December 2015—just in time for the holidays.

A hands-on single dad raising his young daughter alone, Mason juggled health issues and parenting to the best of his ability, while also serving as the caregiver to his younger brothers. Chronic, complicated health conditions filled his weeks with appointments, procedures, and monitoring, but he always carved out time to help his daughter with her homework.

The family found themselves struggling with homelessness, and thankfully reached out to Project Hope Alliance. Chrissie, one of our caring case managers, met with them to listen to their needs and develop an effective, actionable plan. 

Through our Family Stability Program and the family's hard work, we were able to rapidly rehouse them in December 2015—just in time for the holidays. Numerous community partners united to help furnish their home, including the Salvation Army, who provided a washer and dryer; CORT, who supplied beds; and several different donors in the community, who gifted furniture to the new space. 

Mason wrote to Chrissie after the move: "I want to start by thanking all of you for making this possible. Everything went good, and we are so happy to have furniture. If it weren't for you, we would not have furniture. We are super happy."


With a safe, stable roof over their heads, the children eagerly enrolled in our education programs—our impactful solution to ending the cycle of homelessness tomorrow. Mason's daughter joined our Bright Start Program at the start of 2016, in which she meets with a dedicated mentor each week and has 24/7 access to her education via a take-home laptop with built-in WiFi. The innovative pilot program engages and empowers parents through the monthly Collective "Imagine It" Dinners with Every Monday Matters; we love seeing Mason around our table every first Monday.

Thanks to Bright Start and Mason's daughter's dedication, she has made tremendous progress, circumventing a potential grade retention and proving her academic growth in less than four months into the program. 


Mason’s younger brothers are also supported through our educational programming. Fresh Beginnings Ministries donated a computer to the family, which allows them to do their homework. Recently, we guided his youngest brother through the application process for the University of California, Irvine, (UCI) Financial Literacy Summer Residential Program. Hosted by UCI’s Center for Investment and Wealth Management, the one-week, on-campus program is dedicated to helping underserved 8th and 9th grade students by teaching life skills in money and investment management in a highly supportive environment. Their mission is to instill a desire to continue strengthening their understanding of financial matters, encourage admission into a four-year college or university, and inspire confidence and success in all areas of life.

Together, the family worked on healing emotionally by participating in an Art4Healing workshop, a therapeutic youth program designed to promote creative expression in a stress-free environment.

We remain committed to walking alongside this hardworking family on their journey, offering guidance and support every step of the way.