From Motel To Financially Stable

Number of Children... 3

Ended Homelessness... March 2016

Poverty and lack of affordable housing are the principal causes of family homelessness. For the Morales family, both roots contributed to their chronic struggle with homelessness—one that persisted for more than three years until they called Project Hope Alliance.

For years they doubled up with other families, primarily living out of motels.

When Mark lost his job, the trajectory of his family's housing status drastically shifted and led to an apartment eviction. Bad credit coupled with an eviction record made securing a new stable home extremely challenging. For years Mark, his wife Christina, and their three children doubled up with other families, primarily living out of motels—expenses of which made it very difficult to save for move-in costs. 

Thankfully, they reached out to Project Hope Alliance, and we worked together to ensure that all three kids would never suffer as "motel kids" again. The Morales family met with one of our devoted case managers to share their story and develop a strategic, actionable plan. 

Through our Family Stability Program and the family's hard work, we were able to rapidly rehouse them in March 2016. Numerous community partners united to help furnish their home, including one of the amazing families we serve.

With a safe, stable roof over their heads, the children eagerly enrolled in our education programs—the key to ending the cycle of homelessness tomorrow. All three kids joined our Bright Start Program, which pairs them with a dedicated mentor who they meet with every week and equips each young learner with a take-home laptop with built-in WiFi—so that they have 24/7 access to their education. The children are now thriving; Mark and Christina have reported significant improvements in their performance at school in both reading and math.

Our innovative pilot program also engages and empowers parents through monthly Collective "Imagine It" Dinners with Every Monday Matters, and we love seeing the Morales family around our table every first Monday. 

Mark is now thriving at his new job and has been promoted to a managerial role, which comes with a boost in pay, responsibility, and self-confidence. The family is now financially stable.

The dedicated family of five has remained actively engaged in our programs, attending several events like an Angel's baseball game and holiday celebrations.

We remain committed to walking alongside the Morales family every step of the way on their journey toward financial independence and self-sufficiency.