Party Pepper Uppers Gifts Happy Birthdays To Our Bright Start Students

We are excited to announce our Bright Start Pilot Program partnership with Party Pepper Uppers! Run by a group of amazing kids, Party Pepper Uppers donates birthday party kits to children in need. This includes our amazing Bright Start students. Thanks to this unique collaboration, the kids we serve will receive what every child deserves—a happy birthday.

Launched in fall 2015, Bright Start equips elementary-age children struggling with homelessness with take-home laptops, built-in Wi-Fi, industry-leading academic curriculum, and inspirational curriculum. Our ground-breaking education program also engages parents, and as a result, each family member gains a strong sense of value, confidence, and commitment to the impactful program. We're already seeing incredible results.

With their educations fueled by Bright Start, the children we serve will now celebrate birthdays with much added "pep," thanks to Party Pepper Uppers. The enterprising nonprofit organization collects donations of party supplies—from invitations and candles, to disposable cameras and sprinkles—and thoughtfully packages them into complete fun-filled birthday party kits.

Flashing back to our first connection with Ripple Kids at SOCO Collection last year, who knew then that our partnership with this dedicated youth empowerment nonprofit organization would lead to happy birthdays!

Party Pepper Uppers is spreading smiles, one birthday at a time, and we are ending the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time. It’s a hope-filled pairing, and we're truly grateful for their support, and for the purposeful partnerships we're building each year.