From Displaced To Embraced



The United States deported nearly 69,500 individuals within its border in 2015. One of these individuals was a mother of three living in Orange County. Her deportation to Mexico left her two young children without a guardian, and her eldest child, single mother Hadley Ferranti, as their caregiver. The unexpected growth from a family of two to a family of four brought with it immense emotional and financial strain, resulting in a seven-month-long struggle with homelessness.

With three children between the ages of 9 and 13 under her care, Hadley's monthly income of $2,750 did not meet rental deposit requirements in Orange County. Her family was forced to "double up" in a rented room with another family, where cramped living quarters and a lack of privacy heightened frustrations—notably for her teenage male sibling.

Hadley’s decision to contact Project Hope Alliance not only saved her family, it also moved them out of homelessness just in time for the holidays.

Reeling from the sudden separation, the teen's emotional state and educational focus weakened, prompting rebellion against his older sister and his schooling. 

Hadley's decision to contact Project Hope Alliance not only saved her family, it also moved them out of homelessness just in time for the holidays.

Peggy, one of our amazing case managers, met with the family to receive their challenges and deliver a plan. Through our Family Stability Program, we were able to rapidly rehouse the family in their own apartment and supplement the children's education. Adds Peggy, "We partnered with CORT Furniture, and the family received an entire truckload of furniture for the entire apartment on December 24!"

Finally settled under a safe, stable roof, the children experienced great relief in calling a place "home." We linked the loving family with Art4Healing, a therapeutic youth program designed to promote creative expression in a stress-free environment. In this case, the children visually articulated the loss of their mother.

We also connected both young girls with tutors from School on Wheels, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that enhances educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Blessed with his own room and critical privacy, the teen quickly regained motivation to excel at school, to accept and respect his older sister as his guardian, and to stop bullying other kids. Realizing that his aggression was wrong, "he hopes to be a good role model to his own kids one day," says Peggy, adding, "Project Hope Alliance provided Yard House gift cards to the teen, and he could not believe that he could use the cards and invite a friend."

While one major challenge now rests in the family's past, other obstacles loom ahead, including Hadley obtaining legal guardianship of her siblings and the children traveling to Mexico to see their biological mother.

We remain committed to walking alongside this hardworking family on their journey, offering guidance and support every step of the way.