From Strain To Stability

Number of Children... 3

Ended Homelessness... March 2015

For the Moores, moving their family of five from an apartment into a bleak motel room spurred several months of emotional and physical struggle. Their finances could not cover first and last month's rent, plus deposit, to move into a new space. The holidays came and went. All three children fell chronically ill due to the lack of space and privacy. Parents Veronica and Matt strained to save for a stable home.

The family connected with Project Hope Alliance and received the support they needed to regain stable housing and work toward financial stability. The family met weekly with one of our dedicated case managers to discuss their living situation and goals. Together, they developed an actionable plan to help lift the family out of homelessness. Through our Family Stability Program, we were able to move the Moores into a safe, stable home in March 2015. Through kind donations from our amazing community, we helped furnish their new space.

While Matt worked on his residency with the hopes of obtaining stable work, Veronica joined SparkPoint, Orange County United Way's one-stop financial empowerment center offering coaching and resources, to learn how to manage the family's finances. To assist the children and parents in healing emotionally, we helped enroll them in an Art4Healing workshop, a therapeutic youth program designed to promote creative expression in a stress-free environment. 

Focusing on the children's education played a main role in the hardworking family's recovery. We helped Jason, the eldest son, register for tutoring services to help him catch up to grade level—so that his education will prevent him from being homeless as an adult. Both Jason and his younger brother Cameron joined a soccer league, and therapy sessions provided Jason with a safe outlet to restore healthy mindset and heal from a strenuous relationship with his biological father.

When our Bright Start Pilot Program launched in fall 2015, Jason enthusiastically enrolled and became one of two honorary first graduates. He will now embrace new academic challenges in our new Soaring to Success education program, which builds on our Bright Start model. His determination and our support has uplifted him in extraordinary ways. 

The family continues to thrive and remains actively engaged in our programs and events, including an Angels baseball game and Project Hope Alliance holiday parties. Veronica and Matt will soon welcome their family's fourth child, and to help them prepare for their incoming daughter, we connected them with Fresh Beginnings Ministries, who generously gifted them a crib.

The Moore family's future shines, and we remain committed to walking alongside them on their journey to self-sufficiency, offering support and guidance every step of the way.