Partner Spotlight: The Buddy Group

Who: The Buddy Group

Location: Irvine, CA

Business: Solving digital challenges using storytelling, marketing, and technology.

1) Tell us about The Buddy Group.

The Buddy Group is evolving what it means to be an agency by focusing on the experience of an ever-evolving connected consumer. Driven by forethought, The Buddy Group shapes how audiences or segments think about brands and products by creating for the future. The Buddy Group offers strategic research, user-experience planning, and award-winning creative and development execution services.

2) What role does giving back play at The Buddy Group?

We have been fortunate to work with some amazing brands. Inspired by our clients who find ways to give back in their community, we too seek to make an impact within our community.

3) Why did The Buddy Group choose to partner with Project Hope Alliance?

The spirit of Project Hope Alliance matches The Buddy Group; entrepreneurship, metrics-minded, and looking for unique ways to solve complex problems.

4) In what ways does The Buddy Group support Project Hope Alliance?

Our CEO Pete Deutschman serves on the Project Hope Alliance Board of Directors, and we host The Buddy Group Invitational each year to help raise awareness and funds for this great cause.

5) What gives The Buddy Group hope?

Knowing that every day, every year more and more kids are being educated and encouraged to succeed. The idea that we can end the cycle of homelessness is tremendous. 

Thank you, The Buddy Group, for giving the gift of hope.