Bright Start Graduates 'Fly Up' To Soaring To Success

Congratulations, Anya and Jason!

Monday, October 24, marked a momentous milestone in our education continuum. Two of our Bright Start Pilot Program students graduated and "flew up" to Soaring to Success, the next step in their soaring academia. 

They were squirming in their seats, so ready for the next challenge.
What a testimony to the impact of this program!
Their self-pride was absolutely incredible to witness.

Anya and Jason's commitment to meeting with their mentor and dedication to the program helped make their success possible. It sprouted wings to uplift them further out of the cycle of homelessness.

Meet Anya

We moved Anya and her family out of homelessness in December 2013—just in time for the holidays. In summer 2015, the family graduated from our Family Stability Program. Come fall, Anya joined Bright Start. Her story.

Meet Jason

We moved Jason and his family out of homelessness in March 2015—after months of living in a cramped motel room. Jason joined our tutoring program and a soccer league. Come fall, he joined Bright Start. His story.

We have proven the equation—education + housing = hope—which is why we strive daily to ensure that our kids have the tools necessary to learn their way to a brighter tomorrow.

To honor our extraordinary young learners, we gathered at our office to host a fun-filled "fly up" graduation celebration, which served as the official launch of Soaring to Success! While Bright Start serves elementary-age children, Soaring to Success focuses on children in grades 3-6. Graduating means that both Anya and Jason have completed the academic curriculum in Bright Start and are ready for more challenging material. To learn more about Soaring to Success, read our recent announcement.

Please join us in celebrating Anya and Jason on their advancing academic achievements!