A Letter From Our CEO: 'Safe Harbor In The Storm'

While we welcome the much-needed rainfall promised by our current El Niño year, the unusually wet weather reminds us that there are more than 32,500 children in Orange County experiencing homelessness. Some of these kids and their parents may not be afforded the luxury of a stable, dry roof over their heads each night.

During the recent storm on January 6, Project Hope Alliance CEO Jennifer Friend encouraged Team Kid to send love and light to those struggling for stability, and those who helped us bring 100 kids and guardians home in 2015. "Tonight we pray for those in need of shelter and are grateful for those who have given it," read the subject line.

Today, we share Friend's heartfelt message with you to inspire hope throughout our community.

PHA family,
Tonight my heart is heavy but my spirit encouraged.
As I do dinner dishes, I recall a mother and her infant son that I met in the first few months of my service as CEO of Project Hope during a similar storm. She had fled a violent household with her baby and they were living in her car. Her little boy (only three months old) had developed bronchitis and in the wet and cold needed a warm place to sleep. We were able to provide her shelter and see her son through to health, but that is only because of what each of you has committed to making possible.
Know that each of you serves as a meaningful and powerful safe harbor in the storm. Both literally and figuratively.
Tonight, many families such as the one I recall will spend this night in uncertainty. May they compel us to change this reality. And, simultaneously, as we pray for their safe harbor, may we also allow our hearts to be filled and our spirits lifted by the knowledge that we in partnership with our community, have provided safe haven, homes and hope for over 500 children and their parents who like us, are able to watch the rain fall from the safety and warmth of their homes.
For the kids,

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