Record-Breaking Hope: Our 2015 Annual Report Is Here

This past year, you brought hope to more children than ever before. In 2014, Project Hope Alliance ended homelessness for 59 families, 92 parents, and 152 children. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for investing in these precious kids—the future of our community. We hope you're as excited as we are for our 2015 Annual Report

There are 32,000 homeless children in Orange County, and that's a scenario that needs changing. Our organization exists to make that change happen, and we are accomplishing this by providing education and housing to those who need it the most. As our CEO Jennifer Friend points out, "In truth, there is no 'them.' There is only 'us.' Together we can and will end the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time."

What We Do

We provide homeless children with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in school and ultimately, in life. Through this intervention, we are tackling and breaking the cycle of homelessness. Our assistance includes educational programs for parents, transportation support, utility assistance, academic monitoring, and short-term rental subsidy. 

How We Do It

We partner with volunteers and donors to provide housing and exceptional education for homeless children. Our goal is to ensure that our donations are efficiently allocated for optimal impact. Our main focus is always on the programming needs of the organization.

The Difference We Make

Moving families from homelessness to a secure home is achievable, but it takes effort to get them there. It takes the support of Project Hope Alliance and the community working together with the men and women who want to make a better life for their children—but need a helping hand.  

Perhaps Marie, a single mother of three, says it best: "We may be passing through a tough moment, but with [Project Hope Alliance] by our side, we are given the chance to regain our confidence and become self-sufficient once again."

A chance is all these children need, and we are here to make sure they get the chance they deserve. 

Download your copy and see how you made a difference.