Little Ones Have Big Impacts In Their Communities

Our children are running around worried about when they can go to the beach or if they’ll be able to go see the new summer movies.  Of course we want to see them be happy and enjoying every moment of their childhood. At Project Hope Alliance we also believe that these early years are essential for instilling the idea of kindness and helping others. Young ones being excited to help their communities motivate us to keep doing what we do.

In North Carolina, a 10-year-old girl declared that she wanted to end homelessness so she donated her cash, which she earned at home, to a good cause.  Similarly there is the story of a little boy who is taking donations so that he can sew clothes for the homeless population. Stories like this keep us hopeful and we have our own stories of caring kids in Orange County.

In the past few months we have been very inspired by the young faces we see visiting our office. Kids of all ages are excited to be part of our team and we could not be happier to talk to them about our mission.  Here are some of our little inspirations:


These children are making a difference for their communities. We are very proud that they are learning to be compassionate and generous at such a young age because they are the ones that will keep the conversation flowing in the future. If you want your children to get involved and inspire others, then check out our Summer Serve Handbook. Included are projects that will let your family be a part of our team and help us end homelessness for families in our communities.