Welcome Our New Director Of Programs Nicole Delaney

We are excited to announce that Nicole Delaney was recently appointed the Director of Programs at Project Hope Alliance. Based on her impressive career, it's apparent that Nicole has always been an advocate for the provision of quality education programs to low-income students. With nearly 20 years of experience in education and educational program development, Nicole will play an integral role in our mission of improving academic outcomes for homeless Orange County youth.

Our academic support programs and rehousing programs have assisted many children and their families in breaking the cycle of homelessness. The availability of educational opportunities and stable housing has given our children the opportunity they need to thrive academically and socially, and we are committed to intensifying our efforts to help families achieve financial independence. For many families, a home of their own often becomes the catalyst for improving their financial circumstances.  

Nicole's expertise and innovation will also help our organization expand its outreach. Her extensive educational and administrative experience is a major asset, as we look to improve the educational standards of more homeless children. She will be fully involved in our move to redouble our efforts to implement new academic programs and increase our personal outreach. Her working experience gives her a unique view into the challenges these children often face. 

"As a former teacher and administrator, I have witnessed the social and academic effects of homelessness firsthand. In fact, homeless youth are four times more likely to drop out of school than their housed peers," says Nicole. "However, I also know that all children want to learn and thrive, and Project Hope Alliance is creating an accessible outlet for children to engage in their learning experience regardless of their financial circumstances."

Nicole will help create and implement solutions that will enhance the effectiveness of our existing academic support services.

We want to see our programs continue to grow and develop so that we can help more children realize their potential. We know that Nicole education programming expertise will help us achieve that goal.