From 'Surviving' To 'Thriving'


ENDED HOMELESSNESS… september 2014    

Shame is a pervasive emotion linked to children and parents who live in motel rooms. This loving family was no different. Sonya and Victor were aware that their two daughters were ashamed to live in the motel, and inviting friends over to collaborate on homework or even play was not an option. The girls were also scared, sad and experiencing concentration challenges when doing homework. Yet they put on a brave face; even their teachers were unaware of their motel living.

Sonya worked diligently on applying for apartment leases, yet poor credit history placed her family at the bottom of most consideration lists. In order to overcome credit objections, Project Hope Alliance met with the family numerous times to created a rapid rehousing plan to align with their goals. The family longed for a safe apartment with enough space for the girls to study and play.

Inviting friends over to collaborate on homework or even play was not an option.

Ana, the family’s Case Manager at Project Hope Alliance, began working with numerous potential landlords. The Victor and Sonya also did their due diligence and started apartment hunting with determination and a lot of hope weaved into their plans. A few weeks into working with the family on rehousing, Sonya let us know she found an apartment manager who approved a lease! But there was one very large caveat. The property manager required three times the rent for deposit!

That’s a large deposit for anyone, especially a family who has struggled to find consistent work to pay meal and motel bills. But Ana (the family's case manager) was determined to get them into this ideal living space. Ana knew that the family would flourish in this new apartment, and she assisted them with the large move-in requirements. Phew!

Aspiration now a reality - check! The new apartment near work for the parents (Garden Grove) – check. The girls ecstatic – check! Once moved in and settled, Victor sent us the following message, “Thank you so much for all your help and assistance! I am very happy that we were able to get the apartment. It’s great that there are people like Project Hope out there who truly care.” They also gave us great news regarding employment: both mom and dad are working consistently and loving their new life. But the best news is that the girls are doing awesome in school. They are not simply surviving; they are thriving.