MIND Research Institute Gives Project Hope Alliance The Gift Of Math This Holiday Season

This holiday season, MIND Research Institute is raising funds to give the gift of math success to Project Hope Alliance's new Bright Start Pilot Program. Currently, there are more than 32,000 homeless children in Orange County. Bright Start is designed to uplift and empower these young learners.

Through December 31, MIND Research Institute will allocate 100-percent of donations to integrating its industry-leading Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math® software with Project Hope Alliance's innovative, dynamic Bright Start education program. Take-home laptops provided for elementary-age Bright Start students are already configured with Waterford Early Learning™ academic software, which spans reading, science, and math. ST Math is proven to close the achievement gap in math education, an area that suffers tremendously among students experiencing homelessness. 

In fact, homeless children are 2.5 times more likely to perform below grade level in math than their housed peers. 

Project Hope Alliance is committed to ending homelessness by moving families into permanent housing, but more importantly, our eye is laser-focused on utilizing education as a transformative tool so that the children we serve today will be the last in their family to be homeless. -Jennifer Friend, Project Hope Alliance CEO

Supplementing Waterford curriculum with ST Math's game-based instruction will elevate Bright Start students' math comprehension and proficiency to an extraordinary level through mastery-based visual learning—all centered around JiJi, the beloved penguin starring in ST Math games. Additionally, mature Bright Start learners who have graduated beyond elementary level and are not supported by Waterford training will greatly benefit from this added K-12 coaching component.

MIND Research Institute is honored to partner with Project Hope Alliance to help ensure that every child has the opportunity to excel in math and become an innovative problem solver. Research indicates that early math skills are critical to later success, and together we can empower these children to succeed in school and break the cycle of poverty. -Matthew Peterson, Ph.D., MIND CEO and Co-Founder